Our company successfully participated in the 18th China International Composites Industry Technology Exhibition

Exhibition time: September 5th-September 7th 
Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall   
Booth number: C120 B239  
The 18th China International Composites Industry Technology Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from September 5th to 7th. The exhibition is organized by China Composite Materials Group Co., Ltd., China Composite Materials Sponsored by the Materials Industry Association and the China Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Society, the exhibition area is 33,500 square meters and 450 exhibitors.

In recent years, China’s composite materials industry has achieved remarkable results one by one. The output has reached the world’s first place, the level of mechanization has steadily increased, and the continuous development and development of new products and processesApplication, environmental governance capabilities have been significantly improved, and comprehensive strength has been steadily enhanced. On this basis, the industry is gradually moving from a quantitative growth to a qualitative improvement stage.The concept of new and strong, continuous improvement of technology, increase the added value of products, and develop in the direction of high precision.       
Our company has achieved more than expected results in this exhibition, and the response from customers is generally good. And will continue to provide our customers with more high-quality products and services! September 11, 2013~The 19th China International Composites Industry Technology Exhibition held on the 13th at Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall), we will meet again, so stay tuned!